Two teams, completely different backgrounds yet super strong connection

There are actually two magnificent parts of the story as at the beginning there were two stand-alone teams.

There were Baandits and there were 9roads. 

Baandits was a remote team led by Jordan, a studio creating impactful projects compiled in beautiful designs. Baandits also made Sponseasy, a very successful sponsorship platform. 

Then 9roads, a team of high-school friends based in Prague led by Johan which started by developing a game together. Later moved to creating Photoshop plugins for thousands of designers and other great projects.

Jordan and Johan actually met in Bali where they were both working in the same Coworking. They had some really deep and interesting conversations over a few beers and there was some magic connection.

Anyway, 3 years passed and there was close to no contact. The guys only talked to each other thanks to a few ProductHunt launches and some other significant milestones. 

One day everything clicked together. The Prague-based team was looking for new opportunities and Jordan and Miguel (the co-founders of Baandits) were looking for other like-minded people to help them rebuild Sponseasy. 

Both 9roads (Marek, Predrag, and Johan) and Baandits (Jordan and Miguel) went to Jordan's home island, Guadeloupe, and worked hard on the new version of Sponseasy. A huge and ambitious project. 

And well... now I would love to say "They were all successful after years of hard work"... but that's not what happened. Not yet anyway.

Marek hit a challenging part of his life and the team decided to part ways with him.
He moved on his own to a contract work for a client.

The rest of the team maintained the hustle on Sponseasy for a year. As I said, an ambitious project with a huge codebase. 

But things went wild once again. The team, remote-based, had a hard time collaborating together. Also, the ideologies of these two strong entities were a bit different so after a year they decided to stop working together completely. And it was not a nice breakup.
Now you’re asking - what the heck is Crazy Monkeys doing here? 

Well, the guys stayed in touch, a rather cold one. Both parties were a bit hurt by what happened. But both felt that there was something strong going on between them and the way they worked and supported each other.

Then COVID-19 happened. A huge change and also an opportunity for people like us. Jordan and Johan in action once again. As passionate builders, they were talking about what could help the current situation. Jordan with his huge skillset from Guadeloupe, and the harsh environment there, had some amazing ideas and Johan with his team had the idea for Welder.

There were also some deep talks about the past and how the new type of collaboration could be improved. 

Both teams were working again together. With new experiences and new incentives. With more respect and open to learn further about each other.
And that's where we are right now. Working on , Sponseasy, and doing 12 products in 12 weeks. 

And to be honest, sometimes everything just clicks, and the synergy is insane, and I really mean INSANE. And sometimes there is frustration because we are all strong and impactful individuals. 

But we love this, it's our journey and we are so happy to live it.

💌  No pressure...

Come, be a little crazy too

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