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Why we didn't take VC funding after talking to 30 VCs

We want to be our own boss. We want things to be how we feel they are right. We want to have the freedom to work day and night on things that we find interesting and to delegate things that we don't like doing. 
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How we saved our indie coworking from COVID and got into growth mode

When COVID hit the first time, we lost 80% of our little independent coworking space revenue within a month 😱.
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For anyone who struggles with creating content

In our 7 years journey of doing business, we tried many different ways to create content. And we finally found a sustainable way to produce content that has an impact.
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What Will Be The New Currency?

I have lived in Costa Rica/Puerto Viejo 🇨🇷 for the past 9 months. This is the longest I’ve lived in one location during my 3 years traveling the world to train, run, and explore.
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When we made this video, the product didn't exist...

The world was freaking out, we had no idea what COVID was (do we actually do now?) but Johan Cutych wanted to pitch me the idea of Welder
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Just launched on PH, this is what we did

Here are a few things we focus on before the launch and post-launch.
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$1125 MRR in 3 months after launch! So happy!

We did so many projects over the 7 years. Many of them were never released. Many of them were released but without any success.
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This is how I make 12 logos for 12 projects in 12 weeks

I make logos for each of our projects. Jordan always says that my logos are way too minimalistic. Well yeah, he is right..
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