For anyone who struggles with creating content

In our 7 years journey of doing business, we tried many different ways to create content.

And we finally found a sustainable way to produce content that has an impact.

And I believe it's important to ask "Why content"?
For us, it has many implications

  • It can bring many valuable business opportunities
  • Partnerships
  • Clients (especially for our Welder)
  • Selling workshops
  • Building a community
  • Get traction for new products we launch
  • Help others not repeat mistakes we did and give them inspiration

So we tried many ways...

Making vlogs like Casey Neistat - amazingly hard!
Documenting like GaryVee - man that guy is a machine!
Doing 1 minutes videos every day - this one was really good, but again took a lot of energy to always have something impactful
Making podcasts by inviting interesting people to our office and talk with them about their experience - F*g organizational overhead!

We did each of those for like 3 months. Not long enough to improve in it and get any traction. Neither of them was sustainable for us.

Then it hit me. Our team talk so much together about so many different topics, let's just record our discussions and release those!

Well, that's why we made Welder. We were confined and spending hours on Zoom over interesting talks.

So this is how we produce content now in an easy an sustainable way:

  1. Each week we call over Welder and do a simple team sync
  2. We talk about what each of us did that was exciting and then about what was frustrating
  3. We share the experience but also emotions
  4. Sometimes we organically jump into a deeper conversation on a specific topic

Done. We have a 30-minute long episode full of our experience from that week.

It's maybe not the most "concise content" format, but it has huge value.

Just imagine... the startup/project you admire most would do this each week, and you can watch behind their back. Imagine one product team from Apple or Google doing this. Or just random guys from Ukraine doing contracts talking about how they do it.

So much interesting knowledge is shared between lines this way.

But that's not all. Let's squeeze the most out of it.

Just make a clip out of the part with the specific topic you had in the deeper conversation.

And then take the funniest moments / most valuable moments and make 10-60 second long videos out of them.


Now you have a ton of content, easily!

  1. Long-form YouToube discussion and podcast to be shared on Spotify etc.
  2. Super valuable clip on a specific topic to be put on YouTube to maximize YT SEO
  3. Micro-contents that you can share for the whole week on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, hell even TikTok if you are creative enough!

And this is how we do it right now. We are still learning and finding our own "language". It may even seem shitty now.

But it will get better over time. And that's why it needs to be simple enough. So we can keep going even if we have a hell of work with the business we do.

I will be more than happy if this helps anyone here.

And here is a clip where we talk about this topic out of our last Weekly Backstage :)

💌  No pressure...

Come, be a little crazy too

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