What Will Be The New Currency?

I have lived in Costa Rica/Puerto Viejo 🇨🇷 for the past 9 months. This is the longest I’ve lived in one location during my 3 years traveling the world to train, run, and explore.

My jungle 🐵

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As you can imagine, based on my past article creating coliving experiences here, this was not my initial plan, but the pandemic entered the picture. That changed everything, right?

There are no plans anymore. In 2020 anything can happen!

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I think we have all lived in these three stages:

  • Periods of hyperactivity I have a lot of time and a lot of energy. I can read many articles and books at once, and I never read! I wander around my house and clean frantically, trying to find something to do.
  • Days laying down like a zombie — On these days, I lay in a bed, watching the news, reading (fake) news, and not feeling like doing anything productive.
  • The quarantine panic attack — I ask myself, what will I do with my life? Do I have to continue to work, or will I have a job to go to? How can I pay my rent on time?

In these dark moments, I believe that the most important thing for me and most of us was the connection we had with the people around us.

So, what’s next?

If you don’t understand what is going on in the world, stop reading articles or watching the news on any predictions. All of this is pure speculation or fake. Nobody really knows the future. We don’t have metrics or snapshots from past human history to predict this unprecedented period of time anyway! But we can imagine a better future for ourselves right here and now!

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This one is one good thing to think about.

  • How can you improve your future prospects?
  • How can you feel more at peace in the present moment?

The answers to these questions are not immediately obvious, but they can be found through focused contemplation.

And, what lessons can be found in all of this chaos?

Let’s ask another relevant question that will help you find the answers you are looking for. When you were stuck in your house because of the quarantine, what was the most important thing for you? What did you miss the most?

Take a moment to pause and really think about this question: What did you miss the most?

Before you respond, let me give you some details about my own situation.

On my side, I have the capability to go outside (a chance). The situation here in Costa Rica/Puerto Viejo was standard. Restaurants and shops were closed. There was limited access to cars and beaches. Everything has basically been shut down since the beginning of the year. Fear and panic, the same feelings we felt here, spread around the world.

There are many time limitations as well, and limitations when accessing any recreation areas and other public spaces. In addition, wearing masks has become mandatory when entering shops and restaurants. Nothing too bad, but it does change the way everyone is living in the area now.

As all of these changes were going on, it would have been easy to feel depressed or dejected. But I looked around me and found what was really important. In these dark moments, I believe that the most important thing for me and most of us was the connection we had with the people around us.

I don’t care about the money, I mean, I do need it for basic survival, but more importantly, I care about the quality of my connections with others.

This reflection became heightened when my friend Khosrow, who I considered a mentor, told me one day: “The new currency will be the human relationship.

This phrase really held true for me. So much so that my body broke out in goosebumps (chicken skin 😉).

Now, if I have any advice from this interesting period in my life, it will be this one: invest your time, attention, projects, and energy in these connections that bring you joy, fulfillment and make you feel alive. You will feel good knowing that you can support others and that others will support you.

Truly, the best thing we can do as humans so that we become better and grow is to offer ourselves in service to our brothers, sisters, and the community around us.

The economy could collapse any day. The entire system could collapse. Again, this is all speculation. Even if you have some metrics, it is impossible to define an exact date. BUT, you can, right here and now, call your best friends, your family, and help your neighbors. It’s the most valuable and nourishing act you can commit yourself to today.

So do this now, don’t waste your time with virtual web pages and exaggerated media claims. Talk, listen, appreciate, hug, and kiss people in your physical space.

What will be the new currency?
Your relationships with the people you care about.

With love ❤️

💌  No pressure...

Come, be a little crazy too

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