When we made this video, the product didn't exist...

🔗 https://youtu.be/gef1jSGC_ro

Can't get enough of this video...

The world was freaking out, we had no idea what COVID was (do we actually do now?) but Johan Cutych wanted to pitch me the idea of Welder 😃.

We both directly agreed on the fact that we should test the market first.

I suggested that we make a "use case" video. We were supposed to make it clean, fast and look like real models...

Didn't work out this way ❌.

We finally decided to push the video anyway and guess what? It was the best decision we made: it looks authentic, showcase the product value creation and I simply can't stop laughing any time I watch it 😆.

✅ It also allowed us to validate that there was a true market need using direct outreach or good ads targeting. Today, after 3month post launch, our MRR is about $1200/ mo and the user base grow organically everyday!

👉 You don't have to be a model, professional speaker or magician. Just be you and by being you, try to respect some rules that make it digestible for your audience: short, good sound quality, enjoyable rythm 💃.

❓ Btw, am I the only one smiling like an idiot when watching this video?

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💌  No pressure...

Come, be a little crazy too

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